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A Doula for Every Birth

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As a trained doula (DONA Training) and Childbirth Educator, Rachel posesses the knowledge and desire to provide birth support to those who are pregnant and their families. With an income-based pay scale she is happy to work with families of any age, race, belief system, nationality, orientation or marital status.

“I believe that any woman who wants a doula should have one and every woman should have access the education, information
and the birth they want!”

Please contact Corridor Birth Services for a free consultation or if you have any questions about the services  offered.

A Doula:

– is an extra pair of knowledgeable hands.
– is a resource for information about pregnancy, birth and parenting.
– stays with the laboring mother through her entire labor.
– works for the mother, not the care provider or the hospital.
– helps to create an environment where mothers and their families can labor comfortably and effectively.
supports fathers and partners to they can concentrate on nurturing and caring.
-works in hospitals and at home.
-helps create positive birth memories.

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